Moroccan leather shoes in fuchsia, handmade and hand-painted

Bella Fuchsia

The « babouche » is a leather shoe from the Arab-Muslim world. (بلغة Balgha / شربيل Charbil). Thanks to its design and its incredible rich colors, it elongates the silhouette and delicately dresses the feet with an unmatched comfort and authenticity. Painted by Hind Hadri whose grandfather was a craftsman in Fez and made the most beautiful blghas of the Moroccan Kingdom in the 20th century, it is pop-art, chic and timeless and brings undeniable comfort to work from home, or to offer as a unique piece of art.


"Bella Fuchsia" spreads joy like it's a virus. Exciting pink, paired with silver gray, will bring joy to your every step. "Bella Fushia" irradiates love.


    This is a pop of colour that you can wear on your feet or stick to the wall as decor. Your babouches, your choice. They will make you stand out from the croud.

  • Care instructions

    This product is made out of leather and is hand painted. Please avoid any liquid or harsh chemicals and keep the babouches in a dry and clean environment. 

  • Delivery charges

    Delivery charges apply. Free delivery in Morocco starting two pairs of babouches of any colours.