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Learn the skill of being lucky

Luck. Have you ever seen it? It is defined as the success apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.

I have never seen luck. I only know people who work very hard to create opportunities. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they fail. When they persevere and when an opportunity shows up, she finds them first. Chance is just a result of being there at the right time, and that takes work. You need to walk there, maybe even crawl, sometimes you jump and other times you fly. When you know your destination, you choose how you get there. Use whatever means you have. Whomever is looking for a shortcut is just wasting time.

I don’t believe in luck and chance. Some would argue they have been dealt worse circumstances than others and life is not fair. Well, nobody has ever won at poker by looking at his opponent’s hand. What I mean is that no matter the circumstances, each one of us can create an environment that attracts opportunities to grow. Haven’t you noticed joy is not in the destination? Joy is in the process. And creating opportunities, being there at the right moment is a skill we all can learn.

When you see someone succeeding, and not you, whatever your idea of success is, ask yourself what it took to get there. Do you have the same dreams, the same goals, would you accept to go through the same process, do you have the same work ethic, are you willing to learn and grow that much and what are you willing to sacrifice in the process, what are you going to prioritize?

Lady Luck, Moroccan leather shoes handmade and hand-painted, created by Hind Hadri
Lady Luck, Moroccan leather shoes handmade and hand-painted, created by Hind Hadri

I believe in creating your own luck. I created Lady Luck as a reminder that finding a 4 leaf clover means you are willing to spend hours searching. It exists but it needs work, focus and dedication. Opportunities are not attracted to your resources, but to your resourcefulness.

Luck is a risky business and a serious matter. Highly unstable. Now grab your favourite pair of babouches on www.hind and work for your opportunities. Good luck, or should I say, good work?

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