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Empowering women. Finding meaning.

Updated: Feb 21

Poverty, sickness, hopelessness, mental illness, life's diverse struggles are everywhere. And yet, out of unfathomable ugliness comes irresistible beauty.

A coffee set hand-painted by Hind Hadri
Hand-painted and photographed by Hind Hadri.

While you might complain it's raining too much today, someone is freezing out there in the Atlas mountains, with no heat, nothing warm to wear, and no clear water for days because the unpaved roads are dangerous.

In 2019 when I was sitting on my couch in my warm and cosy apartment in Montreal, deciding I would take a sabbatical, aka a year to myself to explore how I wanted to orient my career for the next few years, I planned for everything but a pandemic. I didn't plan to create and sell hand-painted leather babouches either. I was not ready to be an entrepreneur. Certainly not a coach, and an artist who empowers women in the corporate world even less. Then one day I saw girls in the Atlas Mountains, one of them wanted to become a doctor to save her mother who was sick, that's a dream that touched my heartt! These girls have nothing, no money, no real freedom. They don't go to school, and they will probably be forced into marriage at a very young age.

And I thought: a dream is enough to start something. This idea of serving these girls became my obsession. In my head I was not in a sabbatical anymore, I was creating my new reality, defining my purpose, writing it, drawing it, painting it, living it, creating around it. And that's why and how I became an entrepreneur. To find meaning. I am not gonna stare at the ugliness in the world and hopelessly sigh, I am gonna put my hands to work and wipe out the dirt as much as I can.

This is not a coffee cup. I don't create coffee sets. I just use dishes to express an idea, to paint a meaning.

This is not a coffee cup. This is a dream breaking free. This is me finding meaning. This is a dream taking action.

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