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Digital world, real world

Negotiating, selling and digital marketing are 3 skills every business owner should have. Which one scares you the most?

In 2021, you probably think that every woman entrepreneur has those 3 skills already: she negociates and closes like Ruth Ginsberg, she sells like Oprah and is an expert in everything digital. Well, let me tell you that not everybody is half as good as what you might think. There is plenty potential for growth and for you to hop on the wagon of digital reality. Let's take digital marketing as example, it looks scary but if you get used to the jargon, it's actually very fun and addictive. As a Sagittarius myself, believe me if it was boring I wouldn't be here.

Ok I hear you, all those tiktoks and reels and accounts with millions of followers on internet are impressive and you think there is no more space in the digital realm for your business. Truth is we live in an abundant universe and it expands, there is plenty space for all of us. If you choose your niche right, and if you do your best to serve your dream customer, you will definitely find people that are interested in what you have to offer.

Learning everything about digital marketing
Learning is a never ending process that can be very exciting

So how to overcome your fear of the digital world?

1- Acknowledge you have doubts about your ability to understand digital marketing with its complexity and find out why. Is there a reason you are doubting your ability to learn? Are you impressed by the jargon? Are things evolving too fast for you?

2- Write down your limiting beliefs on a piece of paper.

3- Read your limiting beliefs out loud and see if they make sense or if you are just scared of what you don't know.

4- Make a plan to learn the basics: can you spare a few hours every day to educate yourself on the subject? Consistency is key here. It's all about baby steps. Don't try to learn everything at once. Be consistent in learning and testing and improving and changing what does not work for you.

5- Gather the resources you need to learn. Youtube is a great place to start, for free.

6- Read my emails (Join Hind's friends circle by subscribing on my website). I am going to help you navigate this phase with tips and tricks to make this learning process more fun and less lonely.

As a consumer yourself, I bet internet has made life easier for you, especially during the pandemic when we were all happy to be able to order online. Creating a business without the help of digital marketing would make you lose access to a lot of customers before even starting. The digital world is the real world.

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