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Becoming, step by step

Updated: Feb 7

Some people seem to be born with a passion, or a purpose. Others spend decades trying to find what they want to do with their lives. Sometimes people struggle with where they should focus their time or mission. It takes exposure to the world to be able to orient yourself.

The greatest sense of purpose often comes from an overlap of our passion, the needs of those around us, and the lifestyle and community we want to create. When those things intersect around a mission, or purpose that we love learning about and find meaning in, magic happens. Not everyone finds that sweet spot though, or wants to.

I started my career in Marketing, in big corporations, and over the years, I experimented things. I enjoyed learning along the way but more importantly, I discovered what I was willing to do even with no money at all. Writing, painting, styling, design…That’s when I decided to leave my job in Canada for a sabbatical and move back to Morocco to enjoy some time with my family and travel a bit, get my head clear. I didn’t plan for covid but while I was stuck at home I used that time to think about the needs of people around me, and the lifestyle and community I wanted to create.

I knew I wanted to spend more time with my family and be able to work from anywhere, especially because I live between Canada and Morocco. I also knew I wanted to paint, draw, write, experiment, and be authentic. I was always inspired by my little sister who is a fashion designer and so I created « Lady bird and Little Tiwtiw*». I decided to start this entrepreneurial journey because one day I saw a poor kid in the Atlas Mountains talk about her dream to go to school and become a doctor to save her mother… And I thought: I would love to help a little girl with her dream. I believe I could have a positive impact with what I love doing. That’s why I started painting and selling my leather Moroccan babouches with a Canadian twist. We can all be change makers, one step at a time. We can all help people, one person at a time. Everything starts with a step, a dream and a little faith.

I believe I can do something to alleviate someone’s burden. That’s why I wake up in the morning. Because I believe.

*follow me on my Instagram account: @lady_bird_and_little_tiwtiw

You can shop Moroccan babouches with a Canadian twist directly on this website or you can send me a dm on instagram with your favourite pair.

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