Our story

In 2020 working from home became the new normal, and so we spent a lot of time indoors and couldn't possibly stay in our PJs and bedtime slippers and hope to be productive. As multiple lockdowns forced us to cancel most social gatherings and celebrations, we had plenty of time to think how we could help our communities in these uncertain times.  

Lady Bird and Little Tiwtiw tells the story of Hind Hadri, our founder, who wants to bring to everyone's attention that every day should be celebrated, because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Hind paints her stories on Moroccan leather slippers so she can promote Moroccan craft and knowhow all around the globe and help local communities along the way. Hind's dream is to help little girls in the Atlas Mountains go to school and walk head high towards their own dreams.

And so lady bird and little tiwtiw tells the story of a little duck with flat feet who transformed into a beautiful creature and flies back and forth between Morocco and Canada and brings hope and joy to everyone.


"The question is not if you will be able to grow wings and strong muscles. I have no doubt you will. The question is would you dare to fly."


Hind Hadri



Your support fuels Lady Bird's ambition

I love my babouches. I thought they were beautiful in the pictures but they are even more so in real! I will take good care of them for sure. Can't wait to show them to my friends!

Salwa Ismaili

Thank you very much for the babouches, they are beautiful!

Sanaa Zagouri

It was love at first sight, the babouches are mega wow. I am honoured to be your first canadian customer!

Ivette Gomez