Our Mission


Reimagine handmade craft:

Pop-art, timeless and chic

We all seek connection. Through the creation of handmade craft we protect artisan's knowhow, we support local communities, positive relationships, and laying the foundation for building new bridges between people. Hind Hadri creates babouches so that we walk towards each other with kindness. Hind is a bridge builder between traditions and modern lifestyle who wants to connect people through art.

The babouches of lady bird and little tiwtiw are unique pieces, there is no machine involved. Every stroke of paint is unique, infused in joy to bring you hope and confidence so that every step brings you closer to who you truly are. Hind Hadri created these babouches to add a pop of colour to your outfits so you can stay alert and chic while being productive at home.

Leather, this breathing and precious material will take care of your feet so you can take care of yourself and loved ones. We support your feet which support you, so that everyday you celebrate where you came from and where you are going. You are timeless, you are unique, you are beautiful.

Support Moroccan artisans and small local businesses

2020 was tough, especially on developping countries. Part of the world's cultural heritage is at the hands of artisans who barely can afford to survive another lockdown. Lady bird and little tiwtiw is on a mission to help our partners during these uncertain times.


Empower women through art

At lady bird and little tiwtiw we love modern lifestyle that skillfully incorporates Moroccan tradition. Our story starts with walking but does not end there, we are going places together, we will share with you our love for Morocco and handmade craft through several projects we are working on.


We believe women are resourceful entrepreneurs when given a chance and so we are coaching women with small businesses to expand, with us walking head high and opening doors.

We welcome you to be part of lady bird and little tiwtiw's journey. Every pair of babouches you buy fuels our missions. Thank you !