For women who want to look their best

while working from home

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Lady Bird and Little Tiwtiw

Moroccan shoes with a Canadian twist

Spice up your outfit

to work like a boss from home

Step up your game with

unique pieces made for your

delicate feet, soft like gloves.

Feel inspired, put together and productive.

Pop art, chic and timeless

100% leather, hand-painted.

What people say


Saloua Ismaili, Morocco

“I love my Lady Bird and Little Tiwtiw's babouches. They are beautiful and comfy! They help me go through my day and feel in control and put together.”


Ivette Gomez, Canada

“Lady Bird has arrived to Canada! It's superbe, I love it! It's super comfortable and the colours are just perfect. I love the painting and design. Everything is perfect, I am glad I ordered it.”


Sanaa Zagouri, Morocco

"Thank you very much for the babouches, they are beautiful!"

Order your babouches now,

spice up your outfit and feel

confident to step up your game.

Meet the artist


I am Hind Hadri, a Moroccan/Canadian artist and serial entrepreneur and I am thrilled for you to wear Lady Bird and Little Tiwtiw's soft babouches. I design and paint them for awesome women who work from home.


As the pandemic forced us to spend a lot of time indoors, we need to stay focused, inspired and productive, more than ever before. That's why I created a collection of high quality babouches, to make you feel in control, chic and put together. By wearing high quality unique shoes that elevate your outfit, you are sending a clear message that you are a lady boss.

Please join me in celebrating how unique, resilient and confident we are. May every step you make bring you closer to the best version of you.



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